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SEQTECH is currently located at Thane India, which operates as a full-fledged offshore IT development centre. SEQTECH is an IT Services and solutions provider Company established in the year 2015.

Consulting Ideas
We help or focus on advising business owners and companies on how to take advantage of Information Technology to help them achieve their business and company goals. Our IT Expert team takes a 360° view of the existing IT deployment and supports effective and efficient functioning of the systems

Technical Expert
Our technical team aim to offer an expert and intelligent service to our clients, provide expert consultancy within their area of specialism. Our Expertise develops or promotes technical solutions which support the business requirements within their area of expertise

Partnership Values
We conduct our business with integrity. This is exemplified by the quality of our work outputs. We proudly uphold honesty, truthfulness and sincerity and remain fair and ethical in even the most trying situations

Customer Support
We are committed to providing customer service to the highest standards. we provide the Remote As well As Onsite Support. We propose solutions developed and specialized in the detection and linking of the variables involved in the experiences that customers live.